What is the background or experience of your team members?

The bar has been set very high for the team at Made for Math. We have one of the most stringent hiring procedures in education. More rigorous than most educational institutions. 

All team members must have a bachelor’s degree and experience teaching math. We vet and verify that our teachers not only know the content but understand HOW to teach math. It’s one thing to know the content, a whole different thing to know how to coach a child that is struggling. 

Once our team members have passed all our rigorous tests, we train them in the multisensory math approach created by Marilyn Zecher. Math specialists must pass a student teaching in order to begin working with students. After that, all team members receive ongoing coaching in the method to make sure students are receiving the absolute best instruction possible. 

Teachers are reviewed monthly for their work which benefits the students as well. 

Why do we tell you all of this? To share transparently that our teachers come with lots of math education experience but then are held to a higher standard. 

Get to know each of our team members here.

Curious about all the hoops teachers take to join our team? Learn about it on our careers page.

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